Upholstery Odor Removal Calgary "Kit" One bottle fragrance Anti-Icky-poo pet pee Eradicator, urine Injector and pee pretreatment. Solution to mattress, upholstery and carpet underlay stench elimination undertaking.

Calgary Odor Removal_Pretreatment Environmentally friendly odor removal, Anti-Icky-Poo same preparation scent free intended for individuals delicate to cologne.

Calgary Pet Stain Removal _Mistermax Eradicate pet stains from dog, cat urine, feces, vomit, cat hair-ball spots and female blood stain on mattress

Carpet Odor Removal Calgary _Carpet Cleaning Tips

  You've got all the ingredients for a messy house and so you now need someone to deal with your carpet and furniture odor issues and you want that person NOW! What gets your house so messy? Well, two little kids, a frisky dog and a sporty husband.

  Your kids are at an age to mess around the house, so in a way that's understandable. Your frisky dog can't always be kept out of the house, so if he defecates inside, well... you have to clear it. But your husband? Well, he goes for a swim and walks in barefoot on the carpet and everywhere else, and often he comes home with mud on the soles of his shoes. Despite this, there's sure to be dust, allergens and debris.

  So, what you need to do is to get in touch with a Calgary carpet cleaning company to clean the mud stains your husband brings in, the pet dander your dog leaves behind and the little bits of rubbish your kids might throw around.

  If you don' know whom to approach, look out for a carpet cleaning Calgary Company that uses green products so that you are safe from the harmful effects of harsh chemicals used in cleaning carpets. Plus, there are no noxious fumes to worry about once the cleaning is done. If this company also uses eco-friendly detergents that clean without the harsh chemicals of traditional cleaning products, so much the better. All in all, they should be eco-friendly, safe and child- and pet-friendly too.

  The odor removal Calgary firm you're looking at should also be able to give you an assurance that it will get rid of all the stains on your carpet. Using their state of the art equipment and technology, they should remove at least 92.5% of all germs residing in your carpet. For a thorough job then, you need to approach a Calgary odor removal establishment with a track record for 100% perfect work.

  Check that the steam cleaning company you go with has quick measures of working so that you can get to use your carpet the moment it's done, not after two days, as some companies recommend. Also, find out about this company's system of working. If it consists of pre-vacuuming, followed by a spotting agent applied on spoiled areas and spills; spraying the carpet with a detergent to loosen it of grime and dirt.

  This should be followed by scrubbing stubborn dirt areas and followed up by steaming in hot water and a cleaning liquid. Finally, the area rug should be kept out for drying. If this is not the way they function, choose another carpet cleaning Calgary Company.

  Check if this odor removal company also cleans furniture and upholstery. Find this out at the outset so that you can see if the price is fair or not. While you do this, also check about the cleaners. Ask if they are an experienced bunch with enough experience to handle your job.

  Lastly, ask if they are insured against accidents and any other kind of insurance. Find out if something terrible happens, what are your rights, duties and responsibilities and what protection do you have?